The Country: On the Outskirts

I discovered this weathered American beauty on road trip. It was just on the outskirts of rural town near border of Illinois and Missouri. Half way hidden by corn stalks yet a contrast to the bright blue skies. Try the Photoshop tutorial below to boost contrast and depth in your next landscape photograph.

Photoshop Tutorial:

Aging Estates Texture / Soft Light Blending Mode / 50%
Buttercup Overlay #4 / Color Burn Blending Mode / 40%

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  1. Wow - nice photoshop of the image! Looks great. I have a new photo set coming out tomorrow on Impulsive Artistry, which I will link when it is up. Have a great week! : ) Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. What a beautiful old barn!

  3. I would love to use your Autumn prompts--if only I lived in a place where autumn actually happens. I have season envy! I love barns and the cornstalks really complete the picture.

  4. What an interesting barn. I love your shot.

  5. Interesting roof! You don't see that often.

  6. And I think you have the beginnings of a Barn series. I love barns. :-D

    There are a couple barns in NEB that have the same type of roves, they are so pretty.

    Lisa @ LTTL

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  8. There is just something about old barns when I see them along the road. My husband's grandfather's barn still stands on the property on the next road behind us where hubby use to help farm. Now though, the current family has reconstructed it into a basketball court with scoreboard, television, etc. and a place for kids and family to just enjoy. Back in the day, I remember his grandfather was paid to let them paint wonderful advertising signs on the barn.

    I need to remember when your Texture Tuesday is so I can link. Will stop back.

    visiting from LTTL and Pictorial Friday

  9. Love old barns! The colors, rustic feel, and sense of wonder of the years and weather it has seen. Beautiful.


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