Seasons: Windswept Magnolia

My first visit to our local botanical gardens this year was on a slightly cool, windy March afternoon. There wasn't much in bloom. The ground was spotted with yellow daffodils and purple crocuses. But, I came to photograph the blooming trees. Especially the magnolias, which are a favorite of mine. Their wild twisting branches reach up the sky and the little warmth the sun provides. The blooms are quite delicate and swept back and forth by the wind. All of which is enchanted in the Spring garden. 

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  1. Beautiful Photos! Thank you for sharing them with us... Spring is Here!

    1. Thanks Charles - it mostly certainly is! I just hope summer doesn't swoop in too quickly!

  2. I love magnolia trees!

  3. Beautiful shot, love how the muted tones have brought out the structure of the branches


  4. You do such a great job evoking nostalgia.


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