Winter Traveler

Getting lost or caught up in nature might be one of the best things you can do for you soul.  When snow falls in the woodlands, creating a blank canvas; it's easy to let the mind wander. The little things like seed pods dangling from the Red Bud tree tell a story. The drops of melting snow drip from their tips from snow heavy branches. The pods themselves reminds one of traveling. Will they stay or will they travel in the wind to grow roots of a new tree, a new story? What story will you write this year?





make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.


Wishing a Beautiful Start to the New Year

SEASONS Photo Challenge



  1. Thoughtful words to go with interesting photo
    Have a great week!

  2. Joining your blog event for the firts time. Will add you to my list now. Love the winter seed pods hanging form the tree!

  3. Everything about this post is lovely... your imagery and your words. Happy New Year friend!

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

    1. Thank you Lisa, sometime nature just speaks to me...

  4. Beautiful and unusual subject, Kristy. I like how you included the definition of "travel."

  5. I love a good walk outdoors with my camera!

  6. Heisann, I join you traveling, but will you go with "me" on Blogger´s Sunday Walk - Winter, January 29?
    Wonderful scene og frosten capsules in the snow ;:OD)

  7. Love your take on the pods. Seeds do end up sometimes in unusual places when I see volunteer shoots around our place at times.
    I'm ready for travel to some place warm and we've only just begun the colder weather here in Ohio. :) Thanks for visiting me. :)


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