The Country: Tattered Bones

This relic is tucked away and most often unseen. I spotted a glimpse of after visiting a local farmer's market. I had to drive back with my camera gear the weekend after. The exposed bones of the barn make it quite intriguing. There is corn planted in front barn, making it a bit difficult to get to. I didn't venture inside since it isn't likely very stable. Although, I certainly wanted too. 

Photoshop Tutorial:

Creme Brulee Overlay #4 / Overlay Blending Mode / 45%
Sunrise Clouds #1 /  Darker Color Blending Mode / 75%

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM CDT

    Sorry, but one of the rules of SEASONS is not to link a photo of another challenge.

    1. Sorry Jeanette, I didn't see that I remove the Seasons from my weekly Photo Meme

  2. An intriguing old house, with nature slowly taking over!

  3. What a lovely old place! I love finding treasures such as this.


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