Personalized Photography Planner

Make a Personalized Photography Planner

Did you take more photographs than you know what to do with last year? I certainly did and so many of the photographs are memories or moments I want to relive. How do you make your favorite moments captured come to life again? (This post  contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on links at no additional cost to you. When I find a great product or service, I like to share my experience.)

Make a Personalized Photography Planner

As many of the readers here at Life-n-Reflection know; I strive to do something new each month to share my photography outside the digital realm. You may have seen my recent Photography Stationery. This month for the new year I decided to create a personalized photography planner with Tiny Prints. I LOVE how the color printed and as usual the quality is amazing! The planner cover is printed on a thick card stock base with a soft textured matte finish. It is a lined notebook you can use to document and plan your photography trips, still life sessions, and seasonal prompts this year.  Check out my tips below for creating your very own photography planner

    5 Tips for Creating A Photography Planner:

    1. Choose a base cover design from Tiny Prints or create your own in Photoshop for your planner.
    2. Select up to six photographs for the cover. If you are showcasing multiple photos select or post process your photographs to exert the same vibrancy. You wouldn't want one dull photo in the bunch.
    3. Mix it up - select a variety of landscape and portrait photographs for a unique appeal.
    4. Add a title or an inspiration quote in Photoshop ahead of time over your photographs or in the designing process at Tiny Prints. It's quick and easy to add one during the design process and they have lots of fonts choices too! I chose an inspiration quote, "Gratitude for the the small and simple things" with the year as a title.
    5. Always do a quick preview to see that your photographs are framed in a pleasing manner if any cropping with occur during the printing. Especially, if your photograph includes an important travel icon, like the Eiffel Tower or the faces of your loved ones.
    6. Here's a few photography prompt checklists to get you started when your planner your arrives: Summer, Autumn, and Holiday

    Do you have tips for reliving your favorite photos captured, share in the comments below! 

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