2017 Photography Calendar

Photography is an ART of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.  - Elliot Erwitt 

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Life-n-Reflection is about reflecting on things we see, photograph, document, and record. We can most certainly  learn from our observations. My favorite way to share those observations is in a yearly calendar!  For my 2017 calendar I choose to create an Easel Calendar with Shutterfly. Let me just say, it is adorable! The calendar is a convenient 5" x 7" inch size printed on thick card stock. It even comes with a stand. Do you see it in the top photo above? Yes, that is real wood. You can use the wood stand for years to come or display stationery, prints, or printable signs. Keep reading for 5 Tips to Creating a Photography Calendar.

    5 Tips for Creating A Photography Calendar:

    1. Choose a base template design or create your own in Photoshop for your calendar.Use the one I choose here or check out 100s of options at Creative Market ready to customize
    2. Select 12 photographs one for each monthly calendar. I highly recommend selecting or post processing your photographs to exert the same vibrancy. You wouldn't want one dull photo in the bunch.
    3. Instagram photos work great for this easel calendar! Or select portrait and landscape  photos to crop and clip into the design.
    4. Add a title or an inspiration quote in Photoshop over your photographs or in the designing process. It's quick and easy to add one during the design process and including many fonts choices.
    5. Always do a quick preview to see that your photographs are framed in a pleasing manner, especially if any cropping with occur during the printing.

    Are looking for more ways to share your photography observations - see my Photography Stationery! Do you have tips for sharing your favorite observations, share in the comments below.

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