The Journey: Grow

Living an Inspired Life

Sometimes we need this reminder when we meet obstacles along the path to our dreams.  Say it out loud and let it sink in. You can share this print to via my Inspired Words Pinterest Board.

It think it's important to spend a few minutes each day to GROW. Share with us your tips for growing in the comments below.

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  1. Very nice image to illustrate your mantra. I like the 'grow in your heart and mind'.

  2. Love this! I am looking for some creative photography challenges for this year. I used to do Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday, but since she doesn't do that anymore, I'm not really doing any creative photos. Do you have any ideas?

  3. Color is a great idea. Pick a color each month and look for it in your everyday, you will likely be surprised how often it pops up.


I love reading your little notes, it makes me smile from ear to ear!