The Texture Touch: Waiting

Waiting for Spring

As much I can appreciate the winter's rest, I am eagerly waiting for spring now. I'm hoping to find a few nests this year in the woodlands around our home. They are always such a surprise to find in my daily walks with my Australian Shepard.  What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Texture Touch with Adobe Photoshop:
  1. Start with adding the Heirloom #4 Texture over your image
  2. From the Layers Palette select the color burn blending mode
  3. Repeat step 1 with the Farmhouse #2 Paper
  4. Adjust this layer to the darker color blending mode
  5. Apply a layer mask and select a soft round brush at 135 px and 75% opacity
  6. Brush away the paper from the main part of your subject

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  1. Pretty colors and texture!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love how every bit of it captures spring! It is so funny to blog hop and hear everyone saying essentially the same thing. We are all waiting with baited breath for spring!

  3. Anonymous12:30 AM CDT

    So pretty! I'm looking forward to planting my flower and vegetable gardens, bird watching and now that I have 12 baby chicks, I'll be busy with a hen house and hopefully eggs! :)

    1. Awe, chicks can be a lot work but they are just so cute. I've had the problem of naming each one!

  4. Gorgeous tones and texture!

  5. Just wonderful...hues and texture both.


  6. Love that texture!

  7. Warmth and sun - that´s what I´m waiting for (so far without much luck)... Gorgeous pics! :-)

  8. I was longing for spring, for warmer weather, but today when the temps are finally up, the humidity level went up as well! =S

  9. What a sweet picture! As always, I love your processing!

  10. Warmth, sun, the song of the birds. :) Beautiful set of images and a great tutorial.


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