The Country: Texture

Textures of the Countryside

The countryside is full of rustic unique textures if you take the time to look.  Bulb wire, thistles, rusted metal, dried leaves, thorns, and weather worn wood each hold a unique beauty.

Make time this week to capture the textures around your home. Welcome Spring with me in the newest of edition of Bittersweet Walnut Grove: Spring Thyme! 70 pages loaded with projects, family stories, recipes, and gardening tips!

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  1. These are definitely the textures of the country. Love the music texture you used with the last shot. It is sososo pretty. Your blog is always such a treat. genie

  2. I was just speaking of this topic, textures you find in the country (barn wood, weathered stone, etc.) with the mason who is crafting our fireplace yesterday. So many beautiful things to see in and around our homes if we take the time to look!

    1. So, true Tracey. Beauty is all around we just slow down and open our eyes.

  3. Nothing better than a barn!


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