In the Studio: Buttermints


What's your favorite Valentine's Candy? Of course dark chocolate is always a favorite of mine, but it's part of my regular diet. I like to have a square of dark chocolate with a handful of pecans or dried cherries. Butter-mints I only enjoy on occasion. 

One my aunt's (I have 10 aunts) makes the best butter-mints from scratch. She made them for our Wedding Reception years ago in the shape of rose buds and the colors of lavender and creme. They really melt right in your mouth and the flavor is so perfect, you'll want to eat a bunch! Maybe someday she'll share her secret recipe.

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  1. Oh those look so good... I haven't had any of these in such a long time, I bet they are a lot better homemade though :)

  2. Oh so pretty Kristy!!!Your photo's always make me smile:)))
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    God Bless,

  3. Buttermints are one of my very favorites, probably because I only have them one or two times a year! I didn't even get to have any this year around the holidays because I had the flu so I have to get some for V-Day ha!!

    New follower from the Friday Chaos Hop!
    Sara@Let's Talk About Me

    1. Yes, you should should have some for Valentine's Day - Great to meet you Sara!

  4. Those look yummy..I can't wait for Valentine's, I told my hubby he better get me chocolates this year! :)

  5. Those look so delish! Beautiful pictures!


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