The Texture Touch

December in Bloom:
Living in the South it's hard to find that Christmas feel through your lens.  Luckily we have our creative sidekick - Photoshop to help us add some Holiday Magic! And I happen to have beautiful tree in my front porch garden blooming in Dec!

Texture Touch Tip: Apply Holiday Sparkles to your photos with the Dear Santa Overlays - Watch the Video Lesson

  1. Add the Dear Santa Overlay #4 to your image
  2. Apply a color overlay layer effect
  3. Use the dropper tool to select a color from your image (I used the red in the berries)

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  1. Very pretty, loved it ^^ xx

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM CST

    Oh so pretty! Lovin the 'Mistletoe Magin' =)

  3. This is so beautiful! Love the bokeh, love how sharp the red is. :)

  4. Soooo cute, I'm lovin' the overlays. I cannot wait to show you how perfect they look on my photos. I'm working on the mini album in Photoshop now!

  5. Very nice! Love the simplicity and the bokeh! :)

  6. oh so fun and very pretty!! I've lived in the Northeast my whole life, so I've never known what a warm Christmas holiday would be like. Well, we had a brief taste yesterday. Temps here reached 65-degrees and we had our windows open with all our holiday decor up. I actually LOVED it!! :)

    1. Ha, I knew that heat wave come to you soon! I remember your cold post on instagram last week! 65 sounds superb ;)

  7. Gorgeous shots, Kristy!

  8. Everything about it is MAGIC!!!


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