The Texture Touch

You could say I've got my head in the clouds lately. This month has been Aaama-zing! I launched a Christmas Countdown Planner, the first Parties Made Simple Kit, and drum roll please (bump, ba, bummm) the first edition in the Bittersweet Walnut Grove series.  It is book series my mother, sister, and I have been working on for quite some time and it's finally here!! In this first edition of Bittersweet Walnut Grove we walk thorough our kitchens to our craft tables with projects ready to fill the long winter days.  P.S. It even includes my mother's secret cold remedy and embarrassing photos of me in my snowsuit. If this doesn't call for a slice of pumpkin pie, what does! From one dreamer to the next, I hope your head has has been in the clouds this month too!

Texture.ology: psst.. you can download the windsong texture for free in the link below
  1. Warm it up with the clay texture blending on overlay
  2. Add a golden hue with the dreamsicle texture blending on color burn
  3. Apply soft vintage sheet music with the windsong texture blending on soft light at 65% opacity

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM CST

    thank you for the Wind Song texture: is gorgeous! I came here to thank you for your participation on Sunday Best and get such a treat!! lucky me ;) I love your work and the sky photo is stunning. congrats :) xxo

    1. You are so kind, thanks Ann
      Have fun with Wind Song!

  2. It's always fun to see what you are up to creatively Kristy. :)

  3. Thank you for the texture. It's wonderful! Lovely photo and the processing is fantastic.


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