Photo Trends

I'm sure you recognize the work of Trendsetter: Natalie French
I love her soft diffused light and milky tones in her photography!

These are a couple of my favorites:

Guess what?  Natalie's sharing a giveaway with us next Saturday!  So get your Texture Twists ready girls!


  1. These really are so beautiful.
    Wonderful softness!

  2. Wonderful! These soft textures are the ones that amaze me.

  3. beautiful indeed!

    love the links you shared too.

    p.s. you've been wiggled!! (featured you on my blog today!)

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM CST

    Oh my.... you`v made me blush ... :D Thank you so much sweet Kristy, and to the lovely lady`s who have commented :) Have a lovely day xxx

  5. hello ladies!!! well, i had to come and pay a visit to both of you!! yes, natalie is indeed really talented and has her own original way to edit her world! it gets so easy to recognize her work! i love the soft colours and they almost taste like ice cream! :) have a great day ladies!!! ;) hugs, twiggs

  6. Wild and Precious,
    Wow, thanks this my first wiggle!

    Natalie, you earned it girl!

    LOL - Ice cream, maybe that's why I just love all of Natalie's art!

  7. thanks for sharing - i'm definitely a fan of the soft milky hues. beautiful!


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