Tutorial Tuesday

I want to show you how you can photograph an ordinary object and turn into something UN-ordinary! 

LnR Raw
So, here is an antique pail.  Wood grains can be quite beautiful.  But I wanted more.
Photoshop "Lab Card"
I applied the Campfire Texture on Hard Light at 100% Opacity, Fading Script Texture on Vivid Light at 100% Opacity and ended with an adjustment fill layer blended as Hue at 100%.  
Titled "Softly Faded Pail"
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  1. This looks like it should be a front of a note card. Our the pic to go with a list for a "bucket list" promo.

  2. This is so amazing. Thanks for sharing. Loving all your beautiful tips and photos :) T.

  3. Wow, do have a lot to learn! Love this!

  4. I have so much to learn too. Very unique edit.

  5. Very cool edit! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this, even the before is interesting! But the edit you did makes it much more interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    The comment on the old house in my post, I agree with you, wondering what the story it. There is one other one not too far from it that has more buildings around it and you just know it was probably a small farm, since it has a windmill/pumphouse behind it.

  7. EXTRA-ordinary! Love the processing!

  8. Textures can add so much to a shot!! This is a really pretty edit!


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