Texture Showcase Saturday

I saved my best shot of Main Street for today. I've always loved monochromatic interior design, fashion, papers, fabrics... Basically Everything! I actually struggle to have more than one color in a room!  So, in case anyone else suffers from "Mono-chromatic-syndrome"  I'll tell you my secret for monochromatic photography!

Titled: Autumn on Mainstreet
I didn't add a gradient map or adjust the levels.  I applied the Hazel texture and set the blending mode to HUE and the opacity at 100%. You can do this with any texture!  Setting the texture on Hue does remove the texture itself, but keeps the color.  So, I added Sugar Cookie texture on an Overlay blending mode to soften the image just a little and then topped it off with the Cinnamon texture on Soft Light for a subtle grain.

As promised, I'm giving away the Sugar Cookie Texture I used in this lesson!  Sign up for the Texture VIP List and get a free download code in your mailbox! I'll be sending out more goodies once a week to everyone on the VIP list! Have a great weekend everyone!

Sugar Cookie Texture

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  1. your instructions for the tone evoke delicious smells! I love the way the ohoto looks too

  2. O.k., now I'm going to have to try this out on something. Thanks!

  3. I like what you did to this photo. I have to check out a bit more of your blog. :)

  4. interesting. i thought you were going to desaturate slowly. i would try what you describe but i already spend too much time in photoshop. but maybe i'll just go look at the texture vip thing...

  5. Your instructions are beyond my technical understanding but I love the photograph. The porch looks like a place I'd like to sit on an August afternoon. Thanks!

  6. Sugar cookie overlay makes a delicious picture!

  7. What an excellent and instructive post. A great addition to Sepia Saturday.

  8. and i thought magicians never revealed their secrets...


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