Photography Inspiration

I am so bummed I missed Pixel's Before and After Blog Hop.  I had dental surgery yesterday.  I won't go into the icky details.  I'm going into the office late this morning.  So, I thought I answer You Capture's Challenge: "What inspires me?"

I'm inspired by: Aging Antique Buildings, Farms, Books, Wood Grain, Sunrises, Patterns in leaves, the stillness of nature, Kim Klassen's Test Kitchen, and all your wonderful comments!

P.S. I'm almost to 100 followers!  The first to be number #100 will get a Texture Pack of their choice! 


  1. Oh - poor you! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Well I hope you feel better soon - I love your inspirations.

  3. Your inspirations are great and mirror my own. I absolutely HATE dental work and hope you feel better!

  4. Thanks for contacting me, I'm really excited! I love all of your work and your blog! I've given it some thought and I would really like vol 3. Since it's the most expensive pack I would like to pay the difference. Thank you again!
    Shannon (ssbren444@gmail)

    PS I hope you are feeling better today.


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