Photo 101: Silhouettes

Want to know how to take great silhouettes? Follow these simple steps!

Step 1. Choose a Bold Subject - choose a strong recognizable shape 

Step 2. Turn OFF your Flash - you want minimal light on the front of the subject

Step 3. Light it up Right - have the strongest light coming from behind your subject ( Inside tip: a bright cloudless sky is best for your background)

Step 4. Keep it uncluttered - if you have more than one subject, keep them apart ( if you don't - they'll become one big blob!)


  1. Great tips...I don't do silhouettes often enough!

  2. I love this. I always have fun with silhouettes, thanks for sharing, :) T.

  3. I love silhouettes. Will have to try this. Thanks for the inst. Ü

  4. Thanks for the tips! I've actually been planning to do silhouettes of my kids soon.

  5. Hi Kristy, I found your blog via Ticklebear's. I'm so excited to try playing with silhouettes now that I've read your post. Thanks for sharing.
    - Jill

    P.S. I call blog-hopping "blondering" (BLOg waNDERING). :)

  6. I'm glad I could share a few tips! The link will open until wed night.

    "Blondering" that's funny Jill!


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