From the Kitchen: Cookie Packaging

Who doesn't love to make something sweet in the kitchen for those that make our lives better... the babysitter, grandma, or your hair stylist? While they are each very likely to return your coveted Tupperware, it's just so much cuter to deliver a treat from the kitchen in a handmade gift box or bag! *This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.



      Fill kraft boxes with cookies. Stamp your greeting onto kraft card stock. Punch out stamped greetings with a tag punch and set aside. Cut banners from scrapbook paper and linen. Adhere paper and fabric banners to boxes with glue dots. Wrap cookie boxes with twine and secure stamped tags with a simple knot.  

      Die cut mason jars from scrapbook paper with die cut machine. Adhere paper mason jars to kraft bags with glue dots. Cut fabric roses from ribbon and secure to mason jar bags with glue dot. Repeat exchanging the fabric rose for a flair button. Fill decorated bags with cookies. 



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