Fall Farmers Market: Photoshop Before and After

Farmers markets in the Fall bewitch me! I could stare into a buckets of crisp apples or curvy squash long enough to make any farmer nervous. Piles of pumpkins and dried sunflower heads call out to me. Luckily I always bring at least two cameras along, so I can savor their enchanted. 

Reduce harsh sunlight and apply a vintage photo finish with texture.

Before and After Photoshop Tutorial:

Apply an Exposure layer adjustment to reduce the exposure
Antique Warm Texture / Multiply Blending Mode / 20%

The Texture Twist Photo Challenge

Scroll down to link up your photos with a Texture Twist
- natural or enhanced


  1. We have a summer farmer's market, but in the winter it continues in town with a smaller version. - Margy

  2. I love the colors!Well done. Nice photo.

  3. Love the outcome and subject. Stupid question, but I am lax in using layers, is the main reason to protect your work? I only use them when I need to adjust the opacity.

  4. I can imagine all the autumnal colours at a farmers market this time of year. I like what you did with the apples, it makes a whole different photograph.



I love reading your little notes, it makes me smile from ear to ear!