Weekend Texture Twist

I love to take weekend road trips to 
discover small town America.

Antique your weekend road trip captures:
  1. Drag and Drop the Antique Cool Texture onto your image
  2. Working in the layers palette, set the blending mode to overlay
 Do you have a Texture Twist to share?
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Congratulations to AJ author of AJ Kreations
our Texture Twist #1 from last weekend!!

Find more weekend inspiration at Weekend Wander, the simple things, Sunday Snapshot, and Shadow Shot Sunday
This week's winner will announced  the 30th.  I'm taking a vacation!


  1. I don't see Mr. Linky so I'm sharing my TT link here

  2. opps! I'll fix that Jill.

  3. Oh, I love it! The picture before was awesome, but with the texture added, it really is beautiful. Reminds me of better times!

    Stopping by from FTLOB's Weekend Wander. Hope you have a lovely weekend...oh, and by the way, your blog is beautiful :)

  4. beautiful shot! love the texture - I"m just learning so this is very helpful!

  5. That texture is absolutely perfect for the subject!

  6. Loving the after shot. What software do you use? Stopping by from the hop, hope you'll come visit, too! http://hisperfectpromises.blogspot.com/

  7. Tamara,
    I edit in Adobe Photoshop CS versions. I've been using Adobe for more than 10 years! I'll be sure to stop in.

  8. I don't have a photo right now to submit, but I love to take photos and edit them!! I found you at the FTLOB Weekend Wander and I am a new follower!

    If you get a chance come check my blog out!

    I love your before/after photo! My daughter takes alot of really wonderful photos and I love working with them.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I have seen "buildings " like that in the movies and always wondered what they are!? Do you keep water or what there. Love the after shot:)
    Have a nice weeknd

  10. My boys have a thing about water towers. So, so cool!

  11. I'm enjoying peeking at the pictures..love the way you manipulate the photo's - looks like a lot of fun! thanks for coming over to blog to say hello! xoox, tracie

  12. wow...i am here from the weekend hop and this is just amazing...i love all the colors too of your actual blog, it is very vintage feeling and I love it!

  13. Henrietta,
    Yes it's a water tank. Each town has one in the U.S.A.

    In the past school teams would put their team name or mascot on the tower.

  14. Fabulous shot. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  15. Oh, i love it! Very cool!

  16. I love you edits! It really does add something to the story...makes it very interesting! Beautiful work!

  17. Visiting from The Simple Things.
    This is so American! I am from Spain, and always seen that at movies.
    Great pictures.

  18. visiting from simple things,
    I think I will have to join in on this! I love visiting small towns as well.
    Thanks for the HOW-TO edit. I am new at this and glad I stumbled upon you!

  19. Anonymous11:25 AM CDT

    Love seeing the water towers driving through towns! Great shot. So pretty.

  20. Gorgeous!

    Come and see my shadow shots. Wishing a you a great week ahead!

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love all this texture. I so want to learn how to apply textures...I will be spending quite some time here learning. Thanks.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

  22. I love how you texturized that photo. I've got to fiddle around more with those kinds of things. :-) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  23. Anonymous7:58 PM CDT

    thanks for stopping by and commenting. So glad I could join, I bought your textures awhile back and just recently discovered your blog! love it!


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