Photo Trends: White Washed

There's just something incredibly beautiful about this white washed series Findings and Notions

I asked Trendsetter Lara Blair to share with us where she's been in photography and where she's going. 

"I've had my portrait studio for 10 years now and there have been many changes along the way. These days I operate on three planets. One is a dog fine art studio called Lara Blair Images. I shoot primarily in the big city in high rises (people whose dogs are their "kids"). I have a dog portrait studio book coming out with Amherst Media in about a year.The people portraits I'm doing right now are more styled and funky. 'Loving setting the stage and finding props and costumes for concept shoots. Those images are displayed on the Modern Prairie Girl blog. My other planet is photography/art retreat leader, vintage design studio, Etsy shop owner and mixed media artist. I love it ALL and am finally over having trouble deciding what I am.  I'm just very busy with all creative things and happy!"  - Lara

Visit Lara at her Blog: Modern Prairie Girl, Flicker, or Etsy!


  1. Hi Kristy! I just blogged about your textures on my blog. Come and see the picture I edited with one of your textures! ;)


  2. I love those images--I'd hang them in my kitchen :)

  3. I really like the look of these white-washed pictures! The nest of eggs is especially pretty. :)

  4. Carmen- I'm thrilled, thank you
    Meg- I'm a sucker for birds nest!

  5. 'Appreciate the feature so much, Kristy! Thank you!! Lara

  6. Such wonderful work!
    Thank you so much for sharing Kristy!

  7. She's too cool, huh!?

    LOVE that nest.

  8. Very fun, vintage, almost shabby chic look that gives them! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  9. great. what I was looking for. Talented you !


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