Photo Trends: Lisbon Lavender

Twiggs is a talented photographer and author of A Place for Twiggs.  She is sharing with us her inspiration and how she got started behind the lens!

What inspires your art?
Lisbon… and my everyday life. I have learned that some details that are present on my daily life, if captured in a certain way, make incredible moments in a photo. So, I never leave home without my camera, and on the weekends I take two of them with me. Film is so magical… How can I leave it home? So I try to have my eyes wide open to everything that surrounds me… and capture the magic. I believe this is definitely a way of feeling better about your life, the place in which you live… what surrounds you. It’s a matter of being positive.

How did you get started in Photography?
I started a few years ago, when a very close friend, that I actually consider a second father, gave me a film camera. I took pictures of our vacations as a family, but it was just after years later in 2007, I was spending Christmas with him and his wife (that I also consider a second mom!) in NYC, and their Christmas present was again a camera, a Canon! From then on the passion started… I think I have been improving as time goes by, and have also been dedicating myself to film photography, with my lomo camera and yashica tl electro. 

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  1. Her work is beautiful!!

  2. Super beautiful!!! I love the balloons. I like her style!

    ps. I changed my blog...I have a new URL and would love for you to pop over and follow me =)


  3. You're right the Balloons are so cute!

  4. I can relate! Everyday life inspires me too! Actually, now I see inspiration everywhere I go...there's always something waiting to be photographed :) Lovely photos!


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