Texture Showcase Saturday

I'm thankful for all the kind Get Well notes.  I'm feeling better this morning.  But my head it still foggy from the meds.  Good thing I put this tutorial together before the surgery!

Titled: A day at the office
This is an old peanut factory I found near the railroad tracks in small western town. I layered the Velvet Red Texture on top of my original image, set the blending mode to Soft Light and slid the opacity down to 76%.  Then I added the Crimson Texture on top of that, set the blending mode to Multiply, and the opacity at 80%.

Velvet Red Texture

Crimson Texture
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I have to give a shot out to Shannon at The Little Brenner Family.
She was my 100th follower and winner of yesterday's Giveaway!

I challenge everyone to share their photos today at Live Every Moment, Show and Tell Sat, and Sepia Sat!


  1. Good to hear that you're feeling a bit better! Great shot - I love such old buildings and those textures look great on it!
    Have a wonderful weekend and feel completely well!

  2. I hope your mouth recovers soon:) Your textures give the factory such a lovely vintage look now.

  3. I also hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Lovely warm colours that bring out the shapes so well.

  5. Speedy recovery. I am fascinated with the textures the color adds....very nice.

  6. I've been experimenting with textures, lately. This post has spurred me on.

  7. It's so interesting what you do with alterations to photographs. I think the photo of the peanut factory is an interesting composition.

  8. Thanks everyone! I'm happy to inspire!


I love reading your little notes, it makes me smile from ear to ear!