Planting Black-Eyed Susans

I imagine you've seen Black-Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) growing in prairies, between rock ledges, and along our US highways.  Did you know they are easy to grow?  Black - Eyed Susans thrive with little care! An ideal spot to plant them is in full sun.  They really don't need any fertilizer or much watering.  Their brown fuzzy centers remain on top of their long stems through early winter in most areas.  Plus, plant your Susans now and enjoy them with your fall pumpkin centerpieces!




  1. These flowers are so pretty. But alas, I am no gardener, and I would hate to have the death of such a pretty thing on my conscious! I'm visiting with everything etsy, hope you visit me too!

  2. Visiting from New Friends Friday! :) I love Black Eyed Susans, I'm from Maryland and it's the state flower. Gorgeous picture!


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