Hot Cocoa Milk Bottles

Make Hot Cocoa Milk Bottles

This week I'm sharing with you a special Winter treat from our Bittersweet Walnut Grove book series. Homemade Hot Cocoa was always enjoyed on the farm during the winter. Especially after shoveling snow, feeding the cows, or breaking up the ice in the water tanks.  This delightful Homemade Cocoa recipe is straight from the farm, published in Winter Thyme. It's incredibly easy to whip up and makes a great gift! 

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Print the Hot Cocoa Tags


      Make Hot Cocoa Milk Bottles

      Start with Mom's Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe, then follow the directions below to make adorable bottles to share or have at your next Winter get-together! 


      Fill glass milk bottles 3/4 full with Homemade Hot Cocoa. Next, add a 1 inch layer of mini chocolate chips. Pour mini marshmallows into each milk bottle until full. Place on lids and close.

      Die cut paper bows for each hot cocoa bottle or cut by hand. Score and fold to form each bow. Set aside.

      Print hot cocoa tags onto one sheet of white card stock.  Punch or cut tags from card stock. Using glue dots secure a hot cocoa tag and paper bow to the neck of each bottle.

      Follow instructions on tags to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

      Make Hot Cocoa Milk Bottles

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      1. So cute. Thank you Kristy. I'm thinking of tweaking with Valentine theme and would make a sweet little gift for my kids and their family. We don't usually give anything, but I'm loving this idea. Now to get shopping for cute jars and ingredients. :) Love it...

        1. They would make a sweet valentine gift. I've seen pink mini marshmallows...

      2. Such a beautiful presentation for a delicious gift of hot chocolate! Perfect for a sledding or ice skating day. Thanks so much for your ideas


      I love reading your little notes, it makes me smile from ear to ear!