The Studio: Living with Intent

"Live Less out of Habit and More out of Intent"

I am sure many of you have experienced the same.  Be you a wife, husband, mother, father, and/or career woman/man it can be difficult to carve out time for things one loves. Be that as it may, I encourage to do just that. Make time for things that matter most to you.

Photoshop Tutorial:

Creme Brulee #1 Overlay / Color Burn / 20% Opacity 

Hurricane Warm Texture / Overlay / 60% Opacity


The Texture Twist Photo Challenge

Scroll down to link up your photos with a Texture Twist
- natural or enhanced


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it's been my collection for a few years. ;)

  2. "Living with intent." I love that.

    Hope you are having a lovely summer!

  3. "Live Less out of Habit and More out of Intent", I’ll bear it in mind. Your classic camera is so nice.



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