The Seasons: Shades of Green

Shades of Green

I can never get tired of seeing green. It's one of my favorite colors!
What's your favorite shade of green?

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  1. Lovely. I love all of the tonal differences!

  2. After a long, snowy winter I sure do appreciate green again. That lime green is so pretty. One of my favorite rooms in my house is a mossy green.

  3. Green's one of my favorites, too, Kristy! Beautiful shades you've displayed here!

  4. I love the green stems of flowers, and lime green on designs and interiors, although I've never used it myself. My room as a child had a lot of green, since it was one of my mom's favorite colors, and tons of flowery curtains! Green and yellow are soothing to me as a result. But I'm not fond of wearing green - it's just one of those colors I haven't adapted much to seeing on myself. But in nature, it definitely means spring and summer have sprung, which brings a smile to my face!!

  5. Oh yes, green always signals Spring for me too!


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