The Texture Touch: Bird Escape

Bird Escape

If your feathered friend is looking for a charming Escape this Spring Break, I know just the place!

Texture Touch with Adobe Photoshop:
  1. Drop and pull the thunder cloud texture over your image
  2. From the layers palette select the color burn blending mode
  3. Reduce the opacity of this texture to 65%
  4. Add the heirloom #4 texture  for your second layer of texture
  5. Apply the darker color blending mode to this layer and reduce the opacity of 45% 

What are your plans for Spring Break? I'm heading out on another country tour to capture the changing of the seasons.  

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  1. I was first attracted to click into your blog by the awesome bird house. Now I see the texture work -- lovely!

  2. Nice idea and beautiful photos.

  3. We would love that birdhouse. I have quite a bird enthusiast here.

    1. There's plenty of room for visitors in the four stories. LOL


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