The Inspired Weekend

Tea Dipped Coffee Filter Garland:
I started with an idea from Creature Comforts. I just used supplies I had at home and you probably do too.
  1. white coffee filters
  2. twine
  3. raspberry tea bags
  4. instant coffee
  5. walnut ink - substitute for regular tea
  6. long sewing needle

Cottage Chic

I filled bowls with hot water and ink, tea, or coffee.  I dipped filters in a bowl of choice and placed the wet cones on newspaper to dry. The raspberry tea made a soft pink, the walnut ink added a creme hue, and the coffee aged the creases or edges.  It took almost two days for the filters to dry. I stacked three to four filters to create a bloom.  Then I threaded the needle with twine, sewing each bloom on to create a garland. For spacing- tie a knot between each bloom before sewing on the next. Luckily my mother was visiting and made the process very quick! Thanks Mom

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  1. GORGEOUS- you have certainly inspired me to get a little crafty today. I love this!!!

  2. oh wow, you really know how to take ordinary objects and make them look like works of art!

  3. That is gorgeous and your photography is nothing short of art. Thanks so much for posting on Photo Story Friday this week!

  4. That is so sweet and gorgeous, hard to believe they are coffee filters:)

  5. What a fabulous idea- I must try this!

  6. How very lovely! Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!

  7. i never thought about using different colors of tea! you're a genius! thanks for linking up! oh and i pinned this ;)

  8. Thanks for the pin Hollie!
    I must say all that tea smelled so good. My husband came in the kitchen and said "What are you baking?".

  9. OH my goodness.
    THis is GORGEOUS - great, now I am going to be stuck here all night!
    Thank you so much for your support!!!!!! I'll love to have you contribute if you are interested!
    Those barns... be still my heart.
    the Parisienne Farmgirl’s Giveaway Fantastique
    Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

    1. I am honored!! I will be emailing you Angela!

  10. I am beyond impressed with you once again! I love the garland!!!

  11. I absolutely love this- so gorgeous!! I wanted to share it at tonights party- but am not able to copy or drag the photo to be able to reload it to fit my post space at my blog- any suggestions for next time? Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

    1. Courtney - I have this post on pintrest. You can copy it there!


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