Photo Trendsetter

Photo Trendsetter: Evelyn, author of Within my Focus is sharing a tutorial with us today!  I'm madly packing for vacation, thank you so much Evelyn for your excellent timing!  I encourage you to visit Evelyn's blog she always has a page full of inspiring art!

Add hues of Spring to your image:
  1. Duplicate Background
  2. Hurricane Cool Soft Light 100%
  3. Duplicate layer Soft light 100%
  4. Seventeen Cool  Linear Burn 48%
  5. Duplicate Layer Soft Light 64%
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  1. Oh how I love that- Aspens are my favorite!

  2. Thanks, Kristy! I like how these look on your blog! ;-)

  3. beautiful trees - I'm still amazed how textures can add such mood to a photograph!

  4. Thank you for sharing this here Evelyn, ad have a great vacation Kristy!!

  5. Very nice edit. Lovely before and after though. Happy WW!

  6. Anonymous1:59 AM CDT

    Lovely edit - I need to learn layers!


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