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I love the way Krista makes even the small things beautiful!

Krista is an advertising photographer specializing in still life and lifestyle photography.  I asked her to share with us how she got started in photography and what she's up to now:

"I have started my business almost 10 years ago, it was year 2002. My baby girl was born in 1998 and I started to take alooooot of pictures of her! These photos didn't turned out very well. So, I decided to learn more about my camera. I bought John Hedgecoe The Book of Photography. In this book I found everything I wanted to know to get started. After that I read Michael Langford´s Basic and Advanced Photography. I read many books, because then either there wasn't or I didn't know of marvelous sites for photography, like we have now. Of course it was "film time" when I began. I bought my first DSLR in 2004."

"Now I work with many different kinds of cameras....I think the oldest is a Kodak Duaflex which I use for viewfinder projects, for fun I have my Holga and Fuji Instax and for my work Hasselblad H2D&Canon 5D Mark II."

"I'm shooting mostly advertising, but I love to make my own projects too. My first Christmas postcard collection came out on December 2009 and last week a new Easter postcard collection. Sometimes I like to bring some humor to my cute - my Camper postcard or The Little candy eater."

See more of Krista's beautiful images at her Blog and Etsy Shop!


  1. I love her blog!!

    Go Finland. ;)

  2. How wonderful - thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  3. I don't know how I hadn't seen her work before! Beautiful!

  4. I agree, her photography is beautiful :)

  5. Beautiful photography. So dreamy.

  6. Her photos are just so beautiful and sweet, love them!

  7. Thank you so much, lovely Kristy! :) -krista-


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